Wang Family Episode 40 Eng Sub

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King’s Family Episode 40 Eng Sub /  Watch Wang Family Episode 40 Eng Sub

The Wang family confronts various challenges: elitism; segregation; kids moving back home in the wake of living on their own throughout universities; the force motion between spouse, wife and family; and choices about when to wed and have an infant given the budgetary troubles in today’s Korean social order. The main little girl had wedded into a well-off family, however after they went bankrupt she and the family needed to move once again to her guardians’ home. The second girl is additionally having monetary troubles as her spouse is jobless, while the third little girl abruptly chose to stop her employment. In what manner will the family figure out how to survive such obstructions.



King’s Family Episode 40 Eng Sub  Also known as  The Wang Family / Family of King / Royal Family / King’s Family, Genre for this drama  Family, romance, comedy, melodrama. Total Episode Episodes: 50 Broadcast network: KBS2 Broadcast period: 2013-Aug-31 to 2014-TBA Air time: Saturday & Sunday Night 19:55


Cast of  The Wang family

Jang Yong as Wang Bong (61, father)
Kim Hae Sook as Lee Ang Geum (60, mother)
Na Moon Hee as Ahn Gye Shim (78, grandmother)
Choi Dae Chul as Wang Don (35, uncle)
Moon Ga Young as Wang Hae Bak (18, 4th daughter)
Choi Won Hong as Wang Dae Bak (15, youngest son)

Wang Family Episode 40 Eng Sub

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