Suspicious Housekeeper Ep 20 English Subtitle

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The Strange Housekeeper/Suspicious Housekeeper Ep 20 English Subtitle

Suspicious Housekeeper This is a remake of the Japanese drama, Kaseifu no Mita, a very famous drama and rating reached 40% in Japan. Who have watched this drama Kaseifu no Mita, of course, already knew, about what this drama actually.


This drama tells about Park Bok Nyeo (Choi Ji Woo), household assistant who has been hired by a family who had just lost a mother / wife who leaves her husband and 4 children. But this is different household assistant. Although she could not friendly, all the household chores She was doing is perfect. Is she just can not or do not want to be friendly? It seems that his attitude was closed due to a mysterious past.


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